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He’s more hardcore than I am

He’s more hardcore than I am

My title rhymes you like that? So it’s day three and I’m done with my doses for the day. Starting tomorrow doses are going up, 12.5mg ephedrine and 100mg caffeine 3 times a day 4 hours apart.

I am bloated as fuck today and that’s because of yesterday’s epic cheat meal in Chinatown. It was split between 4 guys and cost us just over 100 dollars. It was also probably the most food I have ever had at a restaurant. I did some cardio yesterday but the amount of calories lost probably did not put a dent into that meal I had earlier.

As a firm believer in IIFYM I never regret any of the food I eat. EC helps me burn more calories so I can continue to eat all this delicious food even when I am cutting down. You know life is great when you eat whatever you want and get lean.

Bae but she don’t know it

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I never followed up on my last post which I never do but I always say I will. After checking my dosage schedule I realized I may have dosed a little high yesterday which made me all jittery and good friends with the school bathroom.

Today I’m at (about) 12.5mg ephedrine sulfate and 100mg caffeine. I’m getting a pill cutter next so I won’t have to bite into what I think is half the pill. I don’t feel nowhere near as jittery as I was yesterday. Which is good because I felt as if I was about to have a heart attack. Even at this lower dose my appetite is gone. I don’t like not having an appetite, food is like my favorite thing in the world. I’m pretty sure this no appetite thing almost led to me passing out yesterday. But the bag of chips (lol) and a bottle of water held me over until I got home.

I’m not seeing any noticeable losses in body fat percentage but it’s only the second day and the second dose. I’m gonna keep dosing until I run out of bronkaid, and then if I’m still not satisfied I’ll get some primatene. But for now I’m satisfied and I’m looking forward to being a shredded kunt.

I took my first dose of EC this morning at 8am it’s 815 and I already feel the caffeine kicking in. I feel pretty crazy on just this first low dose of 12.5mg of ephedrine and 200mg of caffeine. Looking forward to these next two weeks. Follow up will be posted in a couple of hours.


i respect this kind of determination in a barber. this uglass kid crying his lungs out because he knows mexico boutta give him the wavviest lineup of all time

  1. Camera: Canon OPTURA200 MC
  2. Aperture: f/1.8
  3. Exposure: 1/30th
  4. Focal Length: 6mm

Tumblr is so stupid. I always end up mis clicking and my whole post gets fucked up. There’s a post I have in the works but it won’t edit properly so I’ll have to do it on my computer tomorrow.

I walked 7 miles from a party two nights ago in a half drunk state with two of my buddies. It was quite the adventure and the perfect ending to a day full of shenanigans.

This party was the first one I went to in a couple of months because I never get invited to any, and most of my friends don’t do cool shit. The party succeeded a day full of sports and meat at my buddies house for senior cut day. We dubbed this get together “the last supper”. It was the last time a lot of us seniors would be hanging out together before we all went our separate ways to college. The Last Supper was a day filled with great food (I cooked hehe) and sports. After The Last Supper I went home to get ready for the next party.

My mates and I rolled up to the scene at about 930 PM. The party had already started and flip cup and beer pong were already being played. I greeted all of my amigos and was introduced by my buddy to the people I didn’t know. What followed was typical party stuff and a couple of firsts for me. I played the usual couple rounds of flip cup to get myself into the party mood. During the time I played flip cup the party filled up a little more, bringing a mix of familiar and new faces.

I went to re-group with my main dawg Jason, who was pretty sick that night and wasn’t in the mood at all because of arguments with his girl about the usual bullshit. Not trying to catch his negative vibes I grabbed colorful doughnut and a Corona and I was ready to mack on some hunnies. I’ll just tell you here, no I did not get layed that night. Despite my bad luck with the ladies that night (I blame it on my the way I styled my hair, it looked stupid as fuck) I did meet one who was pretty cute, we talked a little and took a few selfies. I later learned that was one of Frans friends who will be coming to the same after prom house as me. I was glad I didn’t escalate things between me and her otherwise it would make me sort of obligated to do shit with her at after prom, which I wouldn’t mind of course but I just want to see what other fine hunnies will be at after prom before I make of choice of who I want to hook up with.

I don’t remember how I left the party but I ended up on Cross Bay Boulevard with my good friend James (who was also at the party), Pat (so was he), and two other characters that are trivial in this story. They said they have been waiting for the bus for a while and we’re deciding on walking home. I don’t know why they didn’t think of getting a cab, I was a little to drunk to think of calling a cab too. So at this point all six of us are walking down this Boulevard that seemed to be busy with traffic even in the wee hours of the night. Unannounced, James lowers his pants and goes to pee on a fence of a nearby house, Pat and I do the same without question. Peeing drunk has to be the best.

Sorry but I’m just gonna cut this story short here because I’m tired as fuck and my eyes keep closing. The two other kids leave us because they find a ride so James, Pat, and I have to fend for ourselves now. We stumble across a diner and eat there. A steak quesadilla at 230 in the morning is never a bad idea. With our stomachs full with quesadillas and coffee we continue our treck. Fast forward about an hour and a half and we are still walking. James’ dad calls and angrily demands him to come home. I don’t know where I’m gonna go but I’m sure as hell I don’t want to go home in a state like this.

I’m in a predicament at this point. I don’t want to go home because it’s late as fuck and I wouldn’t want to deal with my mom while I’m half drunk. But I have to go home because I have work with my dad tomorrow morning. We reach James’ block and he goes on his way to deal with his dad. So now it’s just me and Pat. OK I’m serious this time I’m gonna cut this story short. We walk to Fresh Pond and I take a shit at a deli there. Pat goes home and I’m left alone. Not wanting to deal with my parents I walk to my grandparents house. I rang the upstairs bell first because aunt lives up there and she is really cool. Unfortunately she doesn’t have any room for me because they are renovating. So I am forced to wake up my grandparents who live downstairs. I feel really bad for this. But it’s 5 in the morning and I need to find a place to crash. I’m no longer drunk but my shirt smells like beer from all the messy rounds of flip cup I played. No doubt my grandma and aunt smelled it. Grandma let’s me sleep in the basement and I wake up 3 hours later. I will finish this post tomorrow, peace out bye.

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